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A little about me

Hi! I'm Sandy Selph and I'm extremely passionate about creative cooking. I love experimenting with nutritious ingredients to produce interesting but easy dishes that are both delicious and healthy.

The desire to create has always been within me since my early childhood. While partially growing up on a farm in a small town in South Carolina I was provided with many adventures to explore; everything from corn fields to chicken coops to my Grandma's kitchen. Yes, I was a very busy kid (smiles). Many explorations and adventures later, my true artistry began to rapidly develop. All through my primary and post school years, I continued my creativity through the love of making art, music and engineering by attending the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts, marching in the South Carolina State University 101 Band then becoming a practicing Civil Engineer and Business Owner.

A few years ago, I was challenged with Rheumatoid Arthritis. At first I was saddened but through GOD I found the strength to seek healing by changing to a healthier lifestyle. Through much research and meditation, I was influenced by the health teachings of many natural healing advisors.

Fast forward to now, with a renewed spirit, I am again using my love for art and technical skills for even more experimentation. I am so in love with creating inventive dishes in my Artistic Kitchen as it continues to aid in my journey to better health. I hope that the sharing of my recipes will bring happiness to your kitchen too!

Remember to stay encouraged as I am sending you much Love, Hope, Peace and Blessings!

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